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File Folder1.  What Buyers Can Expect from APS We have buyers who are individuals coming out of industry or goverment.  This might be their first purchase.  We also have buyers who already have established firms.  Know the process.

Gavel2.  One Times Gross: Is that the Law? This formula for valuing accounting and tax firms seems to have been around forever and still dominates the profession. See why it should only be a guideline and not the law.

Chef Cleaning3.  Buying a Business - 10 Things It Takes Since statistics indicate that only about 1 out of 15 buyers actually buys it is important to be able to separate the serious buyer from the others.  These points offer a good indicator of whether a person is really a buyer.

Yellow Pages4.  Who Should Bear the Risk of Client Retention? The number one concern of buyers may be overblown  Discover why that is and  what buyers can do to have a successful transfer.

Rowers 5.  It Takes Two: Making the Transition Work A good transiton from the former owner to the new owner is an essential to any sale.  Unfortunately, it is often one of the most overlooked steps.  See how both the buyer and the seller must be involved.

Give Me a Hand6.  Know Your Risk The seller's job is to stop servicing the clients, to recommend that they use the buyer and to get out of the way. The buyer's actions with regard to selling himself or herself and providing quality service will determine client retention.

Business People at Table7.  Financing an Accounting Practice It is important to recognize how buying a practice does not work.  It is often more complicated than buying a house.  Educate yourself on some of the finer points.

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