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Pencil and Tape1.  Top Reasons to Hire Accounting Practice Sales It is a common fallacy that selling a practice without a broker can save money. In fact, doing so can be a big mistake. Discover how using Accounting Practice Sales can be the first and best decision.

Dollar Bills2.  Show Me the Money: How Accounting and Tax Practices are Sold Terms of a sale can sometimes be as important as value. Practices just are not sold the same way they were 20 years ago. Understand the various terms used and how they affect the sale.

Keys3.  Key Factors in Practice Value Professsionals often want to know what their tax or accounting practices are worth but relying solely on a simplistic formula can be unwise. Discover the seven factors that have the greatest effect on firm value.

Stress man at desk4.  Ten Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling Your Practice For most owners selling is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Learn the common problems that can plague the unprepared and why to avoid them.

For Sale By Owner Sign5.  For Sale By Owner: Limiting Your Options The first inclination is to go it on your own.  But is it the smart choice?  Would you want to sell your house by showing it to only one potential buyer? Find out why that may not get you what you want.

Misconception Dice6.  Common Misconceptions in Selling a Practice There are many myths out there about valuation, transitions and types of buyers that can hurt the seller. Be aware of these in order to make this the best deal possible.

Cherries7.  Having Your Cake and Eating it Too: Why Keeping Clients May be Bad Often owners consider keeping some clients for themselves and not selling the entire practice.  That may seem like an ideal situation but in fact there can be problems.

Pen and Ink8.  Don't Go There: The Agreement That Tells You What You Can't Do From time to time owners will ask us if they will need to sign a non-compete agreement.  The answer stays the same. Educate yourself before you sign any agreement.

Runners9.  Here to There: Successful Transitions In every successful sale of an accounting practice a good transition is essential.  Almost all major failures in a transition come from either a buyer or a seller not doing the basic things.

Down Arrow Graph10. Selling or Buying an Accounting Practice in Today's Credit Crisis Today's economy does not need to be the end of your plans.  Consider now to be an opportunity waiting for you.

Pen Signing11. Ten Questions You Must Ask Before You Sign Whether you are selling on your own or with a broker there are some things that you absolutely should consider before you put your signature on a sales agreement.

Pencil and Tape 12. Why Accountants Attempt to Sell on Their Own Over 80 percent of accounting firm owners attempt to employ the For Sale By Owner Method. Why does this DIY mentality prevail?


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Perfect Match for Enrolled Agent
"Thank you so much for your help with the sale. You were always available for any questions either the buyer or I had and you made the process as painless as possible! You found the perfect buyer at the right price and the transition has been wonderful! She and I think alike - in another life we'd be perfect business partners!"

Diane S., EA Monterey, California