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Listing Number Location Annual Gross Asking Price Status
MO1084 Columbia (CPA) $435,000 $450,000 Sold
MO1085 East Jackson County (CPA) $330,000 $400,000 Sold
MO1088 Kansas City Metro (CPA) $255,000 $290,000 Sold
MO1089 Lakes Area of The Ozarks (CPA) $520,000 $580,000 Available
OK1102 Northeastern OK (Grand Lake Region) CPA $323,000 $350,000 Sale Pending
MO1090 Northern MO $728,000 $790,000 1 New
MO1075 Southwest St. Louis $367,000 $400,000 Sold
MO1077 St. Louis Metro Area $368,000 $375,000 Sold
MO1073 St. Louis Metro $125,000 $125,000 Sold
MO1086 Western St. Louis Metro (CPA) $320,000 $384,000 Sold