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Listing Number Location Annual Gross Asking Price Status
TXC1045 Austin $600,000 Sold
TXC1044 San Antonio $791,000 $960,000 Sold
TXC1043 Austin $244,000 Sold
TXC1042 Austin $192,750 $230,000 Sold
TXC1048 Temple Metro Area $292,000 $330,000 Sold
TXC1050 Austin $300,000 Sold
TXC1051 Austin $225,000 Sold
TXC1054 SW Williamson County $156,000 Sold
TXC1060 Central Texas $842,000 Sold
TXC1057 Hwy 281/N. San Antonio $139,000 Sold
TXC1058 Central Texas Hill Country $320,000 Sold
TXC1063 New Braunfels $529,600 Sold
TXC1065 Austin $255,000 Sold
TXC1066 San Antonio $700,000 Sold
TXC1067 San Antonio $172,000 Sold
TXC1069 NE San Antonio Metro Area $635,000 Sold
TXC1070 Austin $1,255,000 Sold
TXC1071 San Antonio $149,407 Available
TXC1072 San Antonio $106,740 Available