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Listing Number Location Annual Gross Asking Price Status
CO1052 Fort Collins $176,800 Sold
CO1043 Boulder County $1,092,000 Sold
CO1046 SE Denver Metro $257,000 Sold
CO1044 Central Colorado $325,000 $400,000 Sold
CO1049 Colorado Springs $70,000 Sold
CO1050 Colorado Springs $192,900 $250,000 Sold
CO1045 Denver Metro $129,100 $132,650 Sold
CO1054 Denver Metro (North) $230,000 Sold
CO1062 Denver - C470 South $380,000 Sold
CO1065 Larimer County $1,054,000 Available
CO1061 Colorado Springs $350,000 $420,000 Sold
CO1063 Durango $195,000 $235,000 Sold
CO1067 Denver Metro West $306,500 Sold
CO1070 Roaring Fork Valley $135,000 Sold
CO1071 Colorado Springs Metro $145,000 Sold
CO1069 SE Denver $129,000 Sold
CO1072 Colorado Springs $142,800 Sold
CO1073 Glenwood Springs $309,500 Available
CO1074 Pueblo $40,850 Available
CO1075 Boulder $540,000 Sold
CO1076 North-Central CO $287,000 Sold
CO1077 Denver Metro $193,570 Sold
CO1078 Western Slope $170,000 Available
CO1079 CO Springs Metro $287,000 Sold
CO1080 Roaring Fork Valley $345,000 Available
CO1081 Central CO Mtns Resort Area $794,000 Available